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Dr. Kirk Overstreet, President of 今晚澳门必中一肖一码

Office of the President

Office of the President

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In The Know

In The Know is published each month on the Wednesday following the Board of Trustees Meeting. In each issue, we will update you on the Board of Trustees meeting, happenings in HR, Institutional Research updates including survey results, Construction updates, Athletics, Academic Affairs, Student Services, Business Services, upcoming events and announcements, and recap of news around campus.

I hope this message finds you well and filled with pride as we reflect on our recent graduation ceremonies and the successes of this past academic year. This year鈥檚 graduation ceremonies were some of the largest attended, and the 鈥渃ongratulations tunnel鈥 formed by faculty and staff was greatly appreciated by our graduates. In addition to commencement, the ADN and LPN Pinning Ceremonies and Mary Logan High School Graduation were also held. On May 7, we had our 53 Honors Night, one of my favorite nights of the year. We honor our students for their hard work and hearing about their journey and plans is inspiring.

These ceremonies were not just a culmination of academic achievements but a celebration of resilience, determination, and the unwavering spirit of our students. They were momentous occasions made even more special by the presence of our dedicated faculty, staff, families, and friends, who have supported our graduates every step of the way.

To our faculty and staff, thank you for your unwavering commitment to excellence in education and for nurturing the talents and aspirations of our students. Your dedication is the bedrock upon which our students build their futures.

Congratulations to our graduates on reaching this significant milestone! Your hard work, determination, and perseverance have paid off, and I do not doubt that you will go on to achieve great things. As you embark on the next chapter of your life, remember that you are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values instilled in you during your time at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码. Dream big, aim high, and never forget the incredible potential within each of you.

We also celebrated the careers of 11 colleagues who have retired or will retire before the end of June: Teri Campbell, Paul Crawford, Catherine Hagler, Robin Humphries, Rick Layne, Christy Marrs, Christy Stewart, Debra Russell, Karla Tabing, Cheryl Thomas, and Gary Tendick. This group of dedicated employees represented over 200 plus years of service to 今晚澳门必中一肖一码.

On May 1, Dr. Rachel Sveda-Webb became the Assistant Provost for Student Affairs. Her former position of Director of College Readiness was unfilled with her employment. Rather than fill this position as it was currently structured, the Board of Trustees approved four individuals within the Student Affairs division to assume additional duties and responsibilities. With a focus on student retention and success, these changes were necessary to make the most efficient use of our existing staff to ensure we meet the needs of our students, K-12 partners, and community. This will allow us to monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve our efforts to improve retention and completion rates.

The Board approved the following promotions effective July 1: April Martinez, Director of Enrollment Management; Kaylee Smith, Registrar; Abby Porter, Manager of Dual Credit and Partnerships; and Donnie Winget, Manager of Counseling. In addition to these promotions, a Manager of Student Transitions position will be posted to fulfill further student onboarding and retention responsibilities.

As a reminder, Open Enrollment is underway with our new insurance broker, USI. The HR office will continue to email the campus information regarding virtual and in-person meetings. Open enrollment ends on June 6.

Kirk Overstreet, PhD.聽
Kirk E. Overstreet PhD. signature
President, 今晚澳门必中一肖一码

Dr. Heather Hampson Named 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Outstanding Faculty Member

Heather Hampson

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 proudly announces that Professor Dr. Heather Hampson, an esteemed faculty member in Nursing, has been recognized as the College鈥檚 2024 Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Outstanding Faculty Member.

Fellow faculty members vote on this prestigious award and highlight Professor Hampson’s dedication, commitment, and exceptional contributions to the academic and professional development of 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 students. As a distinguished faculty member, Professor Hampson has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovative teaching methodologies, and a profound commitment to student success.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Dr. Heather Hampson’s remarkable achievement as the 2024 ICCTA Outstanding Faculty Member,” said Dr. Kirk Overstreet, President of 今晚澳门必中一肖一码. “Her dedication to excellence, tireless commitment to student success, and exemplary contributions to our academic community truly embody the spirit of this prestigious award.”

As a Professor of Nursing for the ADN and LPN programs at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码, her impact extends far beyond the classroom. She teaches in the traditional, hybrid, lab, and clinical settings. Her classes include Respiratory, Pharmacology, Orth/Derm/Immune, IV therapy, Assessment, and Leadership/Ethics. Dr. Hampson sits on the Executive Committee of the Illinois Education Association and enjoys being the ADN club co-sponsor and LPN advisor to 150 students a year.

One of Dr. Hampson’s proudest professional accomplishments is the Eggstravaganza, established as an annual event in 2018. This student-led event services hundreds of children and families with disabilities from the community. The event was created to combine service learning for the students while investing in the community. The importance of this event was highlighted at the OADN National Conference, where Dr. Hampson co-presented “Thinking Outside the Box – Beyond the Hospital Walls” to encourage other community colleges to adopt the event.

Hampson鈥檚 teaching philosophy is rooted in not only teaching the students to be competent nurses but also in the aspects of caring and compassion.

鈥淚 take students to the hospitals, guide them as they apply knowledge into action, and watch as they grow as individuals. Engagement and recognition of achievement are constant components of my teaching environment,鈥 said Hampson. 鈥淔or caring and compassion, we have created several student service-learning projects. I am proud of The Not So Scary Trick or Treat and the Eggstravaganza. These events are important for our students to learn and show caring.鈥

Hampson says service-learning events serve hundreds of children and families from our community. They have been nationally recognized as an opportunity for community college nursing programs to creatively incorporate clinical learning opportunities and service learning outside of the hospital setting.

鈥淎s an educator, I must also demonstrate caring and compassion. I want my students to understand that I care about them as students and individuals,鈥 said Hampson. 鈥淭hey are complex and will endure a spectrum of emotions and experiences in the nursing program. I want them to know I will help at every step of the journey.鈥

In addition to her classroom and clinical work, Dr. Hampson has presented at National Conferences and served on the Executive Committee as the IEA representative and the Professional Development Committee. She has previously served on the International Committee and Behavioral Intervention Committee. She also serves as the LPN Advisor for incoming LPN nursing students and has created an orientation that all incoming nursing students must attend. She co-chairs the ADN Nursing Clubs for full-time, part-time, and hybrid students.

Dr. Hampson also played an integral role in 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 receiving ACEN accreditation in 2019 and currently serves on the writing team for the 2024 ACEN re-accreditation visit.

She is a member of the Organization of Associate Degree Nursing (OADN). This organization specifically supports and educates nurse educators in the community college setting. She is also a member of the Infusion Nurse Society (INS). Dr. Hampson has attended several national INS Conferences to provide 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 students with the most up-to-date evidence-based practice. Dr. Hampson obtained a Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS) certification. This certification demonstrates a determination to provide excellent therapies while protecting the most vulnerable.

Dr. Hampson became a member of Sigma Theta Tau, an International Honor Society of Nursing, after completing her doctorate work titled “Assessing the Needs of the Individual with Autism Spectrum Disorders,” published in the Summer of 2020. Her work on educating staff and students about the needs of Autistic individuals in the hospital setting fosters a spirit of inclusion and diversity while maintaining integrity and safety.

The Illinois Community College Trustees Association sponsors the Outstanding Faculty Member Award. It recognizes outstanding faculty members who have made significant contributions to the academic community at Illinois Community Colleges. Dr. Heather Hampson鈥檚 exceptional achievements and dedication to excellence embody the spirit of this award, and he serves as a role model for faculty members across the institution and state.

Dr. Hampson will be recognized at the 2024 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Commencement on Friday, May 17, and at the ICCTA Annual Meeting in June Where the statewide award winner will be named.

Communications Instructor Cornelius Fair Named 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Adjunct Faculty of the Year

Cornelius Fair

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 proudly announces the College鈥檚 2024 ICCTA Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Award recipient. Cornelius Fair, an esteemed educator and dedicated member of the 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 community, has been recognized for his exceptional contributions to the institution’s academic excellence and commitment to student success.

Mr. Fair’s passion for teaching and mentorship has been demonstrated through his outstanding leadership and innovation as an adjunct faculty member at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码. His tireless dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment, coupled with his ability to engage and inspire students, has significantly impacted the educational experience at the College.

“We are thrilled to honor Cornelius Fair with the Adjunct Faculty Member Award,” said Dr. Kirk Overstreet, President of 今晚澳门必中一肖一码. “His unwavering commitment to our students and his innovative approach to teaching exemplify our mission of enriching lives through learning and community engagement. Cornelius鈥檚 contributions have enriched the academic community and positively influenced the lives of his students.”

Overstreet added that Fair鈥檚 dedication and commitment to his students makes him stand out.

鈥淭hroughout his tenure at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码, he has consistently demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. His passion for his subject matter and his dedication to student success have earned him the admiration and respect of his colleagues and students alike.鈥

Cornelius Fair, a native of Mississippi, is a proud alumnus of Jackson State University. He holds a master鈥檚 degree from Western Michigan University. Currently, he is pursuing his doctoral studies at Southern Illinois University.

Despite calling southern Illinois home for nearly two decades, it was his time as a youth in Mississippi that he witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education.

鈥淔or me, education emerged as the beacon of hope, countering the shadows cast by Mississippi鈥檚 complex past,鈥 said Fair. Surrounded by educated Black role models, I witnessed firsthand the tangible manifestations of success.鈥

It is those experiences that have influenced his teaching philosophy.

鈥淎t the core of my teaching philosophy lies a commitment to empowering students to interrogate their beliefs, challenge assumptions, and embrace diverse perspectives. I urge them to transcend the confines of conventional wisdom, embarking on a journey of self-discovery where the diversity of truths coexists.鈥

In addition to teaching, he serves on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and Shared Governance Council. He has assisted with the college鈥檚 newly formed speech and debate team and regularly attends 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 athletic events. He has helped organize successful events on campus, including the 2023 Juneteenth commemoration and other student life events, where he has served as emcee.

He attends professional development opportunities hosted at the college and, this past year, along with other 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Faculty, presented at the Illinois Communication and Theater Association annual conference and the Central States Communication Association conference last month.

The Illinois Community College Trustees Association sponsors the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Member Award. It recognizes outstanding adjunct faculty members who have made significant contributions to the academic community at Illinois Community Colleges. Cornelious Fair’s exceptional achievements and dedication to excellence embody the spirit of this award, and he serves as a role model for faculty members across the institution and state.

Cornelius Fair considers teaching at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 a privilege, a privilege that his students have benefited from.

“I am deeply honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Fair. “Teaching at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 has been a privilege, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented and motivated students. I am committed to inspiring and empowering the next generation of leaders.”

He will be recognized at the College鈥檚 graduation ceremonies on Friday, May 17, and at the ICCTA Annual Meeting in June, where the statewide winner will be announced.

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Celebrates Success at the 56th Annual Honors Night

Carterville, Illinois – May 30, 2024 – 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 proudly announces its 56th Annual Honors Night award winners. This prestigious event served as a platform to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and excellence throughout the academic year.

鈥淭his is one of my favorite nights of the year,鈥 said 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 President Dr. Kirk Overstreet. 鈥淚 want to give a heartfelt congratulations to all award recipients and participants. Their accomplishments are a testament to their hard work, determination, and passion for learning. They fulfill the College鈥檚 mission of enriching lives through learning and community engagement.鈥

The following awards were presented at the 56th Honors Night at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码:

Allied Health and Public Service Department:

  • Academic Excellence in Criminal Justice: Piper L. Jones
  • Southern Illinois Dental Society Scholarship for Dental Assisting: Manuel Vicente

Applied Technologies Department:

  • ELT Biomedical Electronics Technology Student of the Year: Alex Jackson
  • ELT Computer Support & Networking Student of the Year: Logan Owens
  • ELT Freshman – Computer Support & Networking Student of the Year: Kaleab Bramlett
  • ELT Freshman – Electronics Technology Student of the Year: Braden Wright
  • ELT Electrical Engineering Technology Student of the Year: Casey Nimo
  • ELT Electrical Engineering Technology Student of the Year: Chalotte Arnold
  • ELT Freshman – Electrical Engineering Technology Student of the Year: Jason Ralston
  • ELT Mechatronics Engineering Technology Student of the Year: Payton Craig
  • ELT Freshman – Mechatronics Engineering Tech. Student of the Year: Chris Bates
  • ELT Volunteer Infantry Award: Zachary Hill

Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics Department:

  • Excellence in Business AA: Timothy Sunny
  • Outstanding Mathematics Student: Kody Behnken

Communication, Humanities, and Social Science Department:

  • Excellence in English: Lacy Beatley
  • Excellence in Music Leadership: Keara Sweeney, Ethan Roman
  • Excellence in Social Science: Jason Thompson
  • Outstanding Early Childhood Education Students: Meliyah Alize Redmond, Kaitlin Erin Austin
  • Lifelong Learner Award: Betty Adams, Brian Stanfield

Life and Physical Science Department:

  • Excellence in Biology: Cara Cox, Darren Hale
  • Excellence in Chemistry: Savannah Bain, Anna Rolla

The co-curricular awards celebrated student engagement and leadership in various extracurricular activities:

  • Engaged Leader Award: Denisse Pedroza Valadez
  • Excellence in Artistic Experimentation: Jesse Adams
  • Excellence in Professional Art Practice: Victoria Vukadinovich
  • Outstanding STEM Club Members: Savannah Bain, Carson Frost
  • Student Leader of the Year: Savannah Bain

The President鈥檚 Awards, presented by Dr. Kirk Overstreet, honored outstanding achievements and contributions, including the prestigious Presidential Scholars:

  • ICCTA Paul Simon Student Essay Award: Michael Rigdon
  • ICCTA Gandhi/King Peace Scholarship Contest Award: Diamond Kirk
  • 2024 Gigi Campbell Student Trustee Excellence Scholarship: Magnus Noble
  • 2024 All USA Community College Academic Team: Magnus Noble
  • Board of Trustees鈥 Merit Scholarship: Paige Graves
  • President鈥檚 Distinguished Service Award: Casey Nimmo

Presidential Scholars:

  • Richard Mize
  • Claire Marie Gardner
  • Timothy Sunny
  • Magnus Noble

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 sincerely congratulates all award recipients for their dedication and outstanding achievements. These students embody the spirit of excellence and inspire their peers and the community at large.

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 Announces Juneteenth Celebration on June 18

今晚澳门必中一肖一码 is excited to announce its upcoming Juneteenth Celebration, scheduled for June 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Waterfall Courtyard.

The Juneteenth Celebration promises to be a joyous occasion for the community, featuring a variety of activities and entertainment. Attendees can look forward to local food from Smokin K’s BBQ and Cajun Cuisine and Cold Blooded Coffee and Roastery, as well as live entertainment from the J-Sound Band. There will also be arts and games, dancing, storytelling, and poetry.

“We are thrilled to host this Juneteenth Celebration at 今晚澳门必中一肖一码,” said 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 President Dr. Kirk Overstreet. “This is the third year we have hosted this event on campus, and it has been greatly supported by our community. It’s an opportunity for our community to come together, reflect on our history, and celebrate our progress. We invite everyone to join us for an evening of fun, food, and fellowship.”

Attendees should bring their lawn chairs, tents, and picnic blankets for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The Juneteenth Celebration is free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.jalc.edu/diversity-and-inclusion or contact Toyin Fox at 618-985-2828, ext. 8586, or toyinfox@jalc.edu.

For media inquiries, please contact: Dr. Steve O鈥橩eefe, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications, 今晚澳门必中一肖一码 618-985-2828, ext. 8569 or steveokeefe@jalc.edu.

Juneteenth Flyer (PDF)

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